Baby Safety Corner Protector

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Protect Your Baby While They're Playing Even When You're Not Looking! 

Keep them safe from sharp corners and edges! Yikes!

This Baby Safety Corner Protector is made of Silicon and is BPA Free. They are produced under a strict standard and come out to be of excellent quality. So the corner guard does not have a severe irritating odor, ensuring the safety of you and your family, especially the babies.

Based on the first generation, we introduced an upgraded transparent corner guard. The furniture corner can be clearly displayed, even the details of the texture. So it wouldn’t affect the appearance of your furniture. Plus it works on all most all surfaces, wood, glass, table, cabinet, refrigerator, and so on.

How to Install:

Don't worry about your baby removing and eating it, the powerful adhesion can support kilograms of force. Even adults can not easy to peel it off. And corner guard can be removed without residue. A hairdryer would remove it easier. So your furniture would not be damaged.

Make sure you get your hands on one of these sets! Happy baby, happy mommy!